Claude Provencher, knight of the Ordre national du Québec


Congratulations to Claude Provencher, co-founder of Provencher_Roy, who will be inducted Knight of the Ordre national du Québec. Considered one of the initiators of the new urban architecture that emerged in the late 1970s in Canada, he is recognized for his contemporary projects, which are also respectful of their historical contexts. Through his profound sense of commitment and ambitious passion for his profession, Claude Provencher has made significant contributions to delineating the architecture of tomorrow, while conveying the importance of this art form in the daily lives of his contemporaries. Within his team, for nearly 40 years, he has shared his vision of architecture – one of continual commitment to responsible interventions, developing urban and living spaces that generate beauty, sociocultural richness, and collective well-being. His contributions will be honoured on June 22, at the 35th awards ceremony of the Ordre.