Europea by Jérôme Ferrer wins the award for the most beautiful restaurant in America


On October 3rd, Provencher_Roy won the Americas Restaurant Awards at the prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in London for the new quarters of Jérôme Ferrer’s Europea restaurant, located in the effervescent heart of the Montreal’s downtown. The restaurant moved to its new address in late 2018, and has distinguished itself thanks to its discreet sophistication, the richness of its materials, its remarkable cuisine and its well-thought-out circulations.

A space that masterfully plays on its scale and offers the “quietness” required to fully appreciate the immaculate use of materials and detailing from walls to floors to stairwell, balustrade to screens. It is both ultra classic and modern, its cool, uncluttered corners and passages giving off an air of cool, confident grandeur.’ explained Leigh Robertson, member of the jury.

Harbouring a keen desire to refresh his menu and surprise his customers, Relais & Châteaux star chef Jérôme Ferrer began to envision his next restaurant as a vast stage. From these reflections would emerge the premise for the new Europea location: a grandiose space where customers could participate in an intense and moving experience revolving around food, enhanced by a stylish, timeless decor. Europea’s open layout facilitates orientation and getting one’s bearings. It is subdivided into different zones that lead into one another, conducive to discovery, with monumental wooden arches that delineate these spaces and their different functions. Upon entering the establishment’s hotel-like lobby, the client is at once immersed in the chef’s bold and grandiose universe.

Provencher_Roy, working with various artists, created several one-of-a-kind custom pieces for the project, including furniture, lighting fixtures, wooden elements and the oversize floral carpet. In addition, the choice of noble materials, such as walnut and marble, dovetailed with the project’s initial aim: to emphasize refinement and elegance through the definition of the interior volumes, and to anchor the restaurant into its context. With their faux-classic timelessness, Europea’s interiors provide a perfect setting for the pleasures of fine dining as performance!