Growing Up Healthy awarded LEED NC 2009 Gold certification!

Architecture extérieure du Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine

The project for the expansion of the Sainte-Justine university hospital centre (CHU Sainte-Justine), dubbed “Growing Up Healthy” (Grandir en Santé), has been awarded LEED NC 2009 Gold certification, which recognizes exemplary practices in the development of a sustainable building. The certification is a fitting reward for the efforts expended by the entire team of professionals who worked tirelessly on the project in order to design a quality building that enables occupants to decompress and relax during their convalescence.

The project incorporated numerous measures intended to satisfy Gold certification standards, including:

  • A combination green and white roof that diminishes the effects of heat islands and increases the quality of views for the occupants;
  • Safe parking areas for bicycles, and locker rooms that encourage active forms of transportation;
  • Landscaping that features a wide diversity of species and that requires little watering;
  • Reduced potable water consumption thanks to low-flow plumbing fixtures;
  • Substantial energy savings thanks to an energy-efficient envelope, heat recovery and a monitoring and verification plan for the mechanical and electrical systems;
  • An updated policy on the collection and storage of recyclables;
  • Implementation of an eco-friendly cleaning policy to reduce occupants’ exposure to substances that are harmful to their health;
  • Spaces designed to maximize the presence of natural light and views to the exterior.

This certification is consistent with the CHU Sainte-Justine’s commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen, notably through the use of sound environmental practices.