In Memoriam Eugenio Carelli


It is with profound regret that Provencher_Roy announces the death of Mr. Eugenio Carelli, this past May 8. An exceptionally gifted architect with great sensitivity, he had been a part of the team for 28 years and was a partner at the firm. Provencher_Roy and the architecture community will miss him tremendously and remember him for his important contribution to Montreal’s landscape, his meticulousness and his great generosity.

Our thoughts are with his spouse, architect Marie-Claude Lambert, their children and the family.


In 1993,
Eugenio Carelli, a young architect,
begins his career in a small firm named
Reserved, this gifted 30-year-old quickly stands out.
He is put to the test at every opportunity,
and shows resilience and perseverance.
Always humble—his stock-in-trade—Eugenio is
an endearing, unpretentious man, but
unflinchingly sure of his artistic judgment!
He is an authentic architect, genuine and well-rounded,
who masters his science with precision and skill.
Won over by the culture of sharing, open-mindedness and peer support
that permeates the team, Eugenio decides to stay.

His passion for an architecture of integrity and his keen critical eye
help give Provencher_Roy
the status it enjoys today.
He leaves his imprint on Québec’s landscape in many ways:
through the subtly sophisticated details of the Casino de Montréal’s modernization;
the finesse of the Ritz-Carlton’s glass envelope;
the contemporary design of the Terrasses de la Chaudière renovation;
and, especially,
the Place des Festivals, which will be deeply marked
by the transparency, flair and singularity of the Îlot Balmoral.

He also enjoyed sharing
his artistic talents with young university students.
Transmitting knowledge and sharing expertise
were, in his view, essential aspects of the practice.
He found in this a source of renewal
as well as sheer joy at being among the students, conveying his passion.

Eugenio Carelli was an architect in the noblest sense of the word,
at the top of his artistic form!
With the love of his life, Marie-Claude Lambert, by his side,
he has left us a legacy of special moments and of works of great architectural quality.

Thank you, Eugenio, our friend and colleague.
You will always be with us in our thoughts and
in your achievements.


Claude Provencher