Samuel De Champlain Bridge successfully inaugurated


Provencher_Roy is proud to have participated with Dissing+Weitling and Arup in the design of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge, an iconic structure with a useful life of 125 years. It includes a central corridor reserved for public transit and a safe and accessible path for pedestrians and cyclists. Open to traffic in both directions since July 1, 2019, its harmonious and poetic aesthetic is already part of the Montreal landscape.

“The opening of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge is an important event for the architectural and engineering communities, as it reflects an evolving standard of excellence in the design and construction of engineering structures in Canada. Provencher_Roy is proud to have worked closely with the project’s lead designer, Poul Ove Jensen of Dissing Weitling, to create a bridge with its unique signature, emblematic of the St. Lawrence River. Our urban design team has also participated in the integration and development of the surrounding lands, responding sensitively and in an effective manner to meet the needs of the Montreal region. It has been a privilege for Provencher_Roy to contribute to this project and to work with an exceptional design team, under the leadership of Arup. We hope today that our citizens will be delighted with this new bridge, inspired by the DNA of our metropolis.” said Claude Provencher, senior partner and co-founder at Provencher_Roy.

For more informations, visit the new Champlain Bridge website.