McTavish Reservoir – Phase I









City of Montréal - Water Service

Surface Area

Site - 45,000 m² / Building - 3,770 m²



The pumping station and its site are situated in the part of Mount Royal that falls under municipal protection, at the boundary between downtown Montreal and the Mount Royal conservation park, and at the apogee of the Fleuve-Montagne Promenade. The modernization project consists of two phases spanning a total of 10 years to complete:

  • Phase I  – Preparatory works (currently underway
  • Phase II – Principal works. The firm has conducted a feasibility study for the latter.


The underground infrastructure works will serve as an opportunity to review the entire design of the McTavish site and to clarify its vocation, with an eye toward the works to follow in phase II.

The team has proposed to bring to light the site’s strategic role in the city’s urbanization and to unveil its origins through the station’s various transformations since 1850, thus revealing its intrinsic qualities while also improving mobility, enhancing pedestrian permeability and, to finish off, integrating sculptor Trevor Gould’s work Le Métronome.

Site Design

Five design orientations have been proposed for the necessary landscape interventions. They will help create an overall coherence for each of the interventions.

    1. Developing the areas surrounding the McTavish reservoir
    2. Improving the site’s permeability
    3. Preserving the views of interest and enhancing additional views
    4. Densifying the site’s vegetation in a coherent, strategic manner
    5. Favouring the use of new inert materials

_  Updating the pumping facilities
_  Upgrading to building standards
_  Rehabilitation of the heritage envelope
_  Site Remediation
_  Urban Integration
_  Integration of public artwork