Média Experts – Montréal

The new Media Experts offices, the largest independent media strategy and negociation agency in Canada, reflect a work environment synonymous with freshness, innovation and urbanity.


Électricité : La Cie Électrique Britton Ltée / Mécanique : NAVADA


Claude Simon Langlois


Westgrove Construction

Other Collaborators

Ébénisterie : Menuiseries Mont-Royal Inc. / Cloisons murales : Muraflex







Surface Area

22 000 pi2



Bringing values to the forefront: to be avant-garde, innovative, astute, urban and at the cutting edge of technology; this was Média Expert Montréal’s objective when designing their new workshops.

Open Space

Far from the clichés of traditional office spaces, Media Expert Montreal’s workshops unfold in space, fostering collaboration, transparency and encouraging creativity by exploiting the intrinsic qualities of open spaces.

Adjacent to these, the conference rooms are revealed through glass partitions. Distinct from one another by their different concepts, they suggest a distinguished and friendly mood.

A strong and innovative gesture is required in the design from the very beginning; an open cafeteria is located in the heart of the workshop.

It lives to the rhythm of movements and displacements. Open to the entire workshop, it is the place for informal meetings that stimulate exploratory exchanges and generate unique experiences. A collaborative method of design, through a chair competition within the team, has made it possible to acquire colourful furniture in the image of the people who make up the company.