Provencher_Roy leads the design for the Maisons des aîné’s project, within the master team

maisons des aînés

This morning of November 26th, 2019, Mrs. Marguerite Blais, the Minister Responsible for Seniors and Informal Caregivers, announced the Maisons des aînés’ project details, regarding a major changeover of habitations for seniors and adults with special needs in Québec. Provencher_Roy is responsible for the architectural design of this large project, within the master team, composed of DMG, GLCRM, Group A, Provencher_Roy_BBBL architects in consortium.

The new establishments will be arranged into a unit of twelve individual bedrooms with private toilets, whose residents will share similar interest and characteristics. The bedrooms will look out on the common areas giving access to a vast range of activities as well as participating in a strong community idendity. Family caregivers will also be taken in consideration by having a dedicated space for rest and relaxation, during day and night. The architects will give privilege on the conception of designing an environment as far away as possible from the institutionalised climate, especially with discreet nursing workplace, in order to create a modern, functional, but above all, pleasant and peaceful environment.

“Today is the start of a major elevation for senior’s accommodations everywhere in Quebec. Whether in CHSLDs, seniors’ homes or their alternatives, we will provide an appropriate living environment for residents and staff who work there. Our Government establishes new standards on the quality of our seniors’ loss of autonomy and our adults’ need of specific help.” said Marguerite Blais during a press conference in Montreal.


If you wish to learn more about the project, please consult the government’s press release (french only).