Provencher_Roy member of the Cercle des artisans


Provencher_Roy is now part of the Cercle des artisans who recognizes the generosity of major sponsors of UQAM Centre de design, whose mission is to promote, through exhibitions, graphic, industrial and urban design, as well as architecture and fashion.

For Claude Provencher, senior partner architect and co-founder at Provencher_Roy, “it is a place for diffusion and experimentation that is unique in Montréal and it is essential to preserve it!”

Photo, from left to right :
Claude Provencher, senior partner, architect and co-founder, Provencher_Roy, and member of the Cercle des artisans; Michel Languedoc, architect, vice-president—major projects, Ædifica, and member of the Cercle des artisans; Michèle Lemieux, artist and professor; Borkur Bergmann, outgoing director, Centre de design; Angela Grauerholz, professor and curator of the exhibition; Pierre Bélanger, Director-General, Fondation de l’UQAM and Patrick Evans, interim director, Centre de design.

Photographer: Jean-François Hamelin