Provencher_Roy Recipient of Urban Architecture Award 2014 (RAIC) for the Claire et Marc Bourgie Pavilion of MMFA


Provencher_Roy recieved the Urban Architecture Award for  2014 National Urban Design Awards of RAIC | Architecture Canada, Canadian Institute of Planners, and Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. This awards recognize individuals, organizations, firms and projects that contribute to the quality of life in Canadian cities and their sustainability.

Jury Comments: “Not only was this recognized as a complex architectural program that was masterfully fulfilled purely from a museological point of view, but the design was seen as skillfully responsive to its immediate urban context.  Compositionally, it is respectful of its historic neighbours while being of its time. The use of materials clearly articulates the new addition and through its contrast highlights the timeless quality of the existing church. As the design extends out to the street and beyond, it enhances the overall quality of the public realm. One can easily see that this project is meritorious from the point of view of architecture, historic preservation and urban design.”