Provencher_Roy wins three awards at the Architecture Masterprize Awards 2020


Provencher_Roy won three awards at the Architecture MasterPrize. This event brings design and architecture communities together to celebrate the excellence in their field

National Assembly of Quebec pavilion’s reception – Institutional Architecture category

The new National Assembly of Quebec pavilion’s reception with the expansion of its’ interior courtyard modernizes the monument’s heritage and provides citizens with access to a daring and impressive learning space. Discreet from the outside, the pavilion’s reception fits under the existing topography, on the front of the building. The entrance is fitted with the existing architecture and is housed under the monumental staircases, which allows to respect the highly symbolic and identity character of the National Assembly as well as preserving the iconography and the alignments of the gardens.

Restaurant Jérôme Ferrer Europea – Hospitality, Interior Design category

Europea, a grandiose space where patrons can be moved, touched, and surprised as part of an intense gastronomic experience. The location includes a restaurant and a vacant space united as a cohesive whole. The circulation zones are analyzed to fully leverage the space and optimize its functionality. The lighting fixtures, built-in furniture and carpet are all one-of-a-kind custom pieces, that contribute to the exceptional establishment’s quality. The fenestrated laboratory kitchen contributes to the notion of cooking as performance.

Desjardins – Montréal Tower – Workplace, Interior Design category

Provencher_Roy carried out a complete work of architecture and interior design on the Montréal Tower, one of the city’s iconic buildings, to create a workplace that fosters interaction and creativity for the Desjardins Group. The concept symbolizes the tower’s history, with a design adapted to the organic volumes and impressive concrete structure. The space itself is a work tool, with ultramodern offices. Employees can also enjoy an architectural promenade along the imposing windows, collaborative zones, and entertainment areas.