Sanguinet, Savignac and Christin streets are getting spruced up

Plan aménagement paysager

Provencher_Roy’s Landscape Architecture division participated in the major redevelopment project of Sanguinet, Savignac and Christin streets near UQAM. The City of Montréal wished to offer a more pleasant urban experience for people passing through the Quartier latin.

These new developments have been designed with sustainable development in mind, and to promote active travel. This is why about 25 double bike racks will be installed. In addition, a new public square will appear in Christin Street at the corner of Sanguinet Street. Four fast charging stations for electric vehicles will be added, making it an important downtown charging area.

These developments are part of the City of Montréal’s Accès jardins program, created to improve the quality of life of residents. It aims to provide access to more contemporary and welcoming green spaces. These urban gardens and squares will be conducive to relaxation and leisure for all. To read the City of Montréal’s press release.