Studio Life

Striving for excellence

At Provencher_Roy, Marina Dentico is most impressed by the fact that “every last detail matters; every decision is made for a reason.” Collaborators are at the heart of a design and realization process in which attentiveness to detail is essential – a strength recognized by our clients, along with our rigour and meticulousness.

Ultimately, our teams are confident with the solutions they propose to clients and articulate them with finesse in order to secure exceptional projects. Our teams develop elegant forms, translated into complex architectural details by our collaborators in perpetual pursuit of technical challenges.

Photo: Marina Dentico, M. Arch.

PR_VIe au bureau_JL_001

Inspiring one another

Provencher_Roy presents the advantages of a large architectural studio, while offering a human scale workplace organization and atmosphere.

Altruism, curiosity, and exchanging are among the values that distinguish Provencher Roy’s collaborators. Thanks to a spirit of teamwork and mutual confidence, our teams regularly express their satisfaction of working together.

Photo – Urban Design Team:  Josée Bérubé, Pierre-Jean Blumberger, Lise-Marie Chiret, Marie-Claire Lavertu, Stéphanie Galella, Anne Wolff, Robin Cagnon-Carbonne.


Honing one’s autonomy

Everyone’s voice is important in our studio, regardless of seniority or experience. Mutual assistance and confidence are the key values, ensuring that collaborators can just as easily benefit from great autonomy as from competent advice when necessary.

Photo: Catherine St-Marseille (Partner, Architect), Pierre Lussier (Architectural Technologist).

PR_VIe au bureau_JL_002

Uniqueness prevails

The multidisciplinary nature of our firm, enriched by the complementary profiles of our collaborators, is a strength that enables us to propose more comprehensive projects. It also allows for an approach tailored to individual growth and to challenging teams on a daily basis.

Photo: Anaïs Dessureault-Racicot (Sustainable Development Coordinator), Patrice Roy (3D Director),  Francis Fontaine (Architect), Hélio Araujo (Senior Landscape Architect).