Claude Provencher awarded the 2023 RAIC Gold Medal posthumously


The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) awards ceremony was held May 5, in Calgary. Claude Provencher’s wife Lucie Bouthillette received the Gold Medal on his behalf. Sonia Gagné, Principal Partner Architect; Nicolas Demers-Stoddart, Partner Architect; and Claude Bourbeau, President of Provencher_Roy, were also in attendance.

Claude Provencher co-founded Provencher_Roy with Michel Roy in 1983. The adventure started with the World Trade Centre Montréal (WTCM) project, which would change everything. This first requalification project was among the first of the 1990s. Beyond the WTCM, there are countless projects bearing Claude’s name in Montréal and in the province of Québec – the CHU Sainte-Justine expansion, Reception Pavilion of the Québec National Assembly, Montréal Tower at the Olympic Stadium, Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion of Quebec and Canadian Art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (recipient of the RAIC Urban Architecture Award – National Urban Design Awards in 2014), and the Technopôle Angus Master Plan (recipient of the RAIC Urban Design Plans Award – National Urban Design Awards in 2016), to name just a few.

For Claude Bourbeau, President of Provencher_Roy, Claude Provencher “was an inspiring role model because he saw things from a different angle.” He insists that he, himself, “became a better architect through working with Claude. We were very complementary. He taught me to attain high-quality objectives.”

Throughout his career, Claude Provencher always strove to approach architecture from a perspective that surpassed simple building construction. He always took to heart sharing his vision of responsible human-centred architecture, with the ultimate objective of creating greater synergy between buildings and public spaces as a means of improving the quality of life of citizens in urban communities.

In both Canada and Québec, Claude always advocated for quality architecture, urban integration, and sustainable development. Consequently, he was named Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) in 2000 for his exemplary contributions to the profession, and Member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2014 for his leadership role in the community. Under his governance, Provencher_Roy earned the annual Canadian Architectural Practice Award of the RAIC in 2015, a Governor General’s Medal in 2022, and various Awards of Excellence from the RAIC and Canadian Architect magazine.

The jury acknowledged his pioneering role in modern urban architecture in Canada and exceptional involvement in the architectural community and profession. Furthermore, Claude was recognized as an individual who heightened the quality and reputation of architecture in Montréal, Québec, and Canada thanks to his tireless commitment to advocating for acknowledgement and opportunities for the profession.

The jury therefore naturally underscored Claude Provencher’s trailblazing role in modern urban architecture, in addition to his generosity and contributions to various institutions.

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