The Port of Montréal Tower: a new icon for the city

Tour du Port de Montréal

The Port of Montréal Tower is now ready to open its doors to visitors. A signature Provencher_Roy project, this new 65-metre-high attraction pays homage to the Port’s industrial past, while creating a unique landmark for Montréalers and tourists. It therefore constitutes the crowning jewel of the “Grand Quai”, an elegant final touch that completes the landscape by reweaving a link between the city and the Saint Lawrence River.

As Montréalers, we tend to forget that we inhabit an island. With the observation tower, I envisioned a fantastic opportunity to simultaneously appreciate the river and the mountain, with breathtaking views of the city. The tower therefore serves to weave a link between two cultural icons: the majestic Saint Lawrence River and Mount Royal.” Sonia Gagné, Principal Partner Architect at Provencher_Roy, Project Design Lead and Project Manager

Notable as one of the highest structures in the sector and characterized by its entirely glass silhouette, from its observation deck on the 13th floor, the tower offers 360-degree views of some of the city’s most iconic buildings, including Habitat 67, Silo No.5, and Notre-Dame Basilica.

A helical stairway invites visitors to climb up further above the observation deck in a sculptural gesture that is visible from the city. The stairway shines through the façade, evoking a form reminiscent of Montréal’s typical spiral stairways. Its golden colour is a tribute to wheat, the most frequently exported grain throughout the golden age of the Port of Montréal.

To prolong the experience, a glass cage sits at the top of the Tower, bringing visitors 55 metres above the “Grand Quai”. They will enjoy an unobstructed view of the river and city.

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