Guignolée Provencher_Roy


For nearly 20 years, Provencher_Roy has participated in the distribution of Christmas baskets to families in need by organizing a fundraising drive in which its employees take part. It is a necessary gesture that is aligned with similar community initiatives at year’s end.

To raise more donations, the firm recently held its first-ever Christmas market, featuring products designed and crafted by some of its employees. Profits were reinvested into the cause. Books, cakes, soaps, table linen, and other artisanal wares were snatched up during a festive happy-hour gathering.

The activity emphasized the firm’s commitment to sustainable development, with many of the products being the result of the recycling and reuse of materials. Thus, notepads made from discarded sections of drawings, and handbags sewn from fabric swatches found happy buyers.

Above all, the donations collected during the fundraising drive and the Christmas market enabled a group of employees to fill up baskets with provisions and to distribute them to several families, who as a result may enjoy a more lighthearted Holiday season.