The IDU marks its 30th anniversary at the Alexandra Pier, restored by Provencher_Roy

Terminal des croisières et jetée Alexandra - perspective de nuit | Provencher_Roy

Next December 12, the Institut de développement urbain will celebrate its 30 years, at the Alexandra Pier, newly restored by the Port of Montreal and Provencher_Roy, in the company of Québec’s real estate and business leaders. The organization, whose mission is to promote the advancement of the real estate industry as well as responsible urban development in Québec, will honour its founding members, who played an instrumental role in its development, as well as the new generation, whose commitment ensures the pursuit of its objectives well into the future.

Provencher_Roy is proud to sponsor this event that highlights the IDU’s positive impact on the revitalization of Québec’s cities and the enhancement of their profile abroad. The firm is equally proud to have industry people discover the Alexandra Pier and the cruise terminal, which together constitute an ambitious project that reasserts the firm’s ability to create defining projects for the Montreal area. Provencher_Roy collaborated closely with the Port of Montreal to not only provide a passenger terminal that is completely renovated and upgraded in order to meet the operational requirements of today’s cruise line operators, more and more of which are choosing Montreal as a tourist destination, but also to better integrate the pier and terminal into the urban fabric of Old Montreal as well as satisfy Montrealers’ expressed desire to establish a deeper, closer connection with their river.

“It is a structuring project for the tourism industry, as well as for Old Montreal’s residents and visitors, who will benefit from the revitalization of the Alexandra Pier facilities,” says architect and senior partner Claude Provencher.

For more information on the event, whose guests of honour will be Roger Plamondon, president of the Broccolini real estate group, and Michel Dallaire, chairman of the board of the IDU, visit the IDU’s Web site.


“Between the river and downtown, an evening in our image and in that of Québec City and Montreal—which is to say, dynamic and inspired!”