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CBRE Ottawa

Surface Area

627 m2 (6,750 ft2)



Reconnecting with light and views

CBRE, a world leader in real estate investment, called upon Provencher_Roy to design its offices in downtown Ottawa. The new spaces are situated at Constitution Square, one of the city’s rare Class AAA buildings. CBRE therefore takes its place in one of the three prestigious towers, along with the neighbouring businesses, organizations, and embassies. Inaugurated in July of 2023, the new offices span 627 m2 (6,750 ft2) and welcome thirty-some employees and clients of the firm in an atmosphere that is at once warm and refined.

The project is doubly expressive, aiming on the one hand for conviviality (through the simplicity of materials, warmth of wood, and softness of lighting), and on the other hand for sophistication (through the contrast of materials employed, textural equilibrium, and play of motifs on interior finishes). Design decisions favour a connection with natural light and views of the city.

Evocative of nature

The project favours connections to natural rhythms (via generous openings enabling employees to observe the seasons unfolding), biomorphic motifs (through the omnipresence of natural forms, sometimes inspired by fractals), and materiality (conjuring up boreal nature). The design reinforces the idea of office as refuge (CBRE employees will be able to tune out stimuli while retaining views of the world around them).

The presence of Rise Café, an oasis of relaxation visible from the entrance, in addition to the fabric lighting punctuating the spaces, infuse the project with a warm and pleasant ambiance. The shade of green chosen echoes the firm’s branding, while also evoking the immense coniferous forests typically present in Canada. Ceramic flooring echoing grey rock or onyx, and wooden partitions reminiscent of tree trunks and bark: just a few of the many elements anchoring the project within its vast context. The interior design of the new CBRE offices offers a calming and luminous workspace conducive to collaboration and daily well-being.

The shade of green echoes the firm’s branding, while evoking the immense coniferous forests typical of Canada.