Provencher_Roy awards merit scholarships to Université de Montréal graduates


Provencher_Roy awarded merit scholarships during the graduate exhibition of the Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Planning, held May 3 to 5, 2018. The scholarship in sustainable development from Beauchamp Bourbeau (now Provencher_Roy) was awarded to Luc Jousselin, an architecture intern at Provencher_Roy. New graduates Alexandre Allard, Simon Gingras and Samuel Pasquier received the Provencher_Roy scholarship in landscape architecture for a bachelor’s project that showcased the following skill set: mastery of the conceptualization process, incorporation of acquired knowledge into practice, refinement of techniques for graphic and oral expression, and autonomy and ability to progress within a multidisciplinary environment. Finally, Catherine La Rochelle-Harvey was the recipient of the Provencher_Roy scholarship in interior design for a project that distinguished itself by the originality of its theme, the excellence with which it was developed and the level of achievement. Congratulations to one and all! For more information.