Reception Pavilion of the Québec National Assembly


Can architecture change our relationship to democracy? The answer in this particular case comes in a spiral ramp that forms a scenographic trail from the entrance of the Québec National Assembly’s reception pavilion to the heritage building’s core. Inaugurated in May 2019, the pavilion presented an opportunity to transform the ties between citizens and their […]

Montréal Tower – Olympic Park


Designed by architect Roger Taillibert, the Montréal Tower was refurbished so the employees of the AccèsD online services platform of the Desjardins Group could enjoy modern work spaces. A simple yet ambitious aim fueled this multidisciplinary project: to inhabit a symbol and its history. To achieve this result, however, almost all of the tower’s mechanical […]

Port of Montréal’s Grand Quai and Cruise Terminal


2018 – CRUISE TERMINAL The project distinguishes itself by its ability to implement, in the Montréal area, projects that constitute a focus for further development. At a time when the creation of public spaces is increasingly important, the firm restored a pier and transformed it into an exceptional riverwalk that was integrated into the existing […]