The University Club of Montreal

Founded in 1907, the University Club of Montreal is a private club offering its members spaces to socialize and host networking events. It houses a restaurant, bar, and library. As one of the most renowned historic institutions in Montréal, in 2022, the Club decided to relocate to the main floor of Maison Reid Wilson, a magnificent Victorian mansion on Sherbrooke Street in the Golden Square Mile.

Covering 2,800 square feet, the new spaces include the members’ entrance, bar-lounge, main dining room, and kitchen. In a welcoming mingling space for professionals, the Club will serve top-notch cuisine and hold various events.


Provencher_Roy (conformity only)


David Boyer





Other Collaborators

Luminaires : Lambert & Fils






The University Club of Montreal

Surface Area

2,800 ft²



Traditional heritage with a modern flair

Through moving its operations and refreshing its interior spaces, the Club is striving to attract a younger, more diversified clientele, while maintaining the same core values and prestigious image. To revive the initial splendour of the spaces, the cachet of the original stone and brick, and some antique furniture has been conserved. Contrasting noble materials, like wood and marble, were then introduced to convey the traditional upscale pub aesthetic.

The design is inspired by the Club’s mission, “Remembering Our Heritage, Writing The Future.” Particular attention was placed on conserving and reworking classical and vintage details to give them a more contemporary feel and breathe new life and lightness into the spaces.

Ingenious use of light play to convey spaciousness

The bar is characterized by a cozy yet elegant ambiance integrating the necessary acoustics conducive to intimate gatherings. In the dining room, the existing brick has been enhanced by navy blue-painted mouldings to give the space a more refined look.

Given the low ceilings, the light play in alcoves and integration of indirect light projected onto low wood walls were instrumental in creating brighter, more luminous spaces. Finally, decorative lamps designed in Montréal bring a modern touch, while offering a glimpse of local talent.